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Donna M. Schilling

The title of my presentation and a short descriiption:

Why Did Our Ancestors Leave Their Homeland, and Where Did They Go?

In  this presentation,  I  hope to answer these questions,  with references  to their daily lives :

  1. Why did our ancesrors leave their homeland and what was their life like there?
  • They were invited to come by some governments
    • They had valuable skills to offer
    • Merchants traveled and explored the sea(s)
    • Economic problems became too difficult
    • There were many wars and small skirmishes in the homeland
    • Many a ncestors desired freedom of religion
    • Other personal difficult situations made emigration the best solution
  1. Where did they go?
  2. What was life like in the new home?
  3. l welcome your questions at the end of  the presentation

Saturday, November 12 @ 1:30 pm in the Genealogy Room or via Zoom.

Donna's Autobigraphy

Donna has been the editor of Die Pommerschen Lewe. a quarterly publication of Pomeranian Special Interest Group (P SlG), for three years since June, 2019. The former president of PSIG met Donna at the first lnternational German Genealogy Partnership convention in 20l7 in Minneapolis where they did presentations, and invited her to be active in PSIG helping th e then editor. She has enjoyed this very much and has learned alot about Pomerania, her maternal family's homeland.
She and her late husband enjoyed many trips to Pomerania, participating in two heimat tre{f"ens or h omelan d trips with former resid ents of Pomerania n ow living in Germany aft er WWIJ. They traveled to Germany a total of six times, taking their son to see his ancestral homeland on their last voyage together there. Donna wrote a book after those experiences about her ancestral homeland, hopefully giving others hints about researching and networking. Her book is titled, German Genealogy Research in Pomerania: With Specific Examples of Kreis Schlawe Research, Fomily Roots Publishing Company, 2017

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