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Donna M. Schilling

The title of my presentation and a short descriiption:

Why Did Our Ancestors Leave Their Homeland, and Where Did They Go?

In  this presentation,  I  hope to answer these questions,  with references  to their daily lives :

  1. Why did our ancesrors leave their homeland and what was their life like there?
  • They were invited to come by some governments
    • They had valuable skills to offer
    • Merchants traveled and explored the sea(s)
    • Economic problems became too difficult
    • There were many wars and small skirmishes in the homeland
    • Many a ncestors desired freedom of religion
    • Other personal difficult situations made emigration the best solution
  1. Where did they go?
  2. What was life like in the new home?
  3. l welcome your questions at the end of  the presentation

Saturday, November 12 @ 1:30 pm in the Genealogy Room or via Zoom.

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